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Maintaining Denture Fit: Hard, Soft, and Temporary Relines 

Initially, new dentures are meticulously crafted to fit snugly against your gums, providing optimal stability. However, as time progresses, natural changes occur in your gum tissues, causing the denture to gradually loosen and become more prone to movement within your mouth. To sustain a secure and functional fit, it’s recommended to have your denture professionally relined every one to two years. 

Hard Reline 

Every two years, all full dentures should undergo a hard reline procedure. Dr. Carl Larson employs a meticulous process wherein a layer of plastic is carefully removed from the interior surface of the denture. Subsequently, the denture is filled with a putty-like material that conforms precisely to the contours of your mouth, creating an accurate impression. This customized impression ensures maximum contact between the denture and your gum tissue, optimizing comfort and stability. 

Soft Reline 

For patients with tender gums or sore spots, ordinary dentures may pose discomfort. In such cases, Dr. Carl Larson may recommend a soft reline, utilizing a pliable material that remains flexible for one to two years before requiring replacement. This specialized material significantly reduces the likelihood of developing sore spots compared to standard hard-relined acrylic. Patients experiencing persistent discomfort may also explore more permanent solutions, such as implant-retained dentures. 

Temporary Relines 

Temporary dentures and partials allow us to give patients a new smile the same day as their old teeth are extracted, but these will quickly become too big as the gums naturally shrink during the healing process. Three weeks into the healing process we will add a new layer of soft material to the inside of the denture or partial to improve comfort and fit.